Survey on patient-facing web portals and mobile health apps in EU member states concerning trusted medicine information



This survey is undertaken in the context of the UNICOM Innovation Action (see:, a project funded by the European Commission to improve patient safety and support better healthcare: UNICOM will facilitate the safe, univocal identification of a given medicine across diverse health records (family doctor; specialist; hospital) and across health systems in any member state of the European Union.

A task of the project is to analyse the implications and opportunities for patient empowerment when such a univocal medicines identification system is in place, and to pilot new and useful digital health services (via mobile health apps and/or patient-facing web portals) in order to showcase the direction that the mobile health app market should take in order to best support patient empowerment in this new context.


For the purpose of this survey we define ‘App’ as a mobile app or any online digital resource such as a website or webservice accessible through an Internet browser (i.e. patient portal). Respondents will be invited to further specify whether the App in reference can only be used on a mobile device and/or whether it is accessible on a computer web browser.

The trusted medicine information available in these Apps might be sourced directly from an authoritative site, such as a medicines agency (NCA), or via a second or third party provider that is itself trusted.


Who should take this survey?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to one of the following questions, then this survey is for you.

  • Is part of your role to supply trustworthy health and medicine information to the public?
  • Do you work in a regulatory or public health agency, eHealth community, in healthcare, in Pharma, or partake in scientific or market research related to health?
  • Do you have any knowledge about patient-facing digital health apps in an EU member state?


Please complete a separate survey for each region or country you would like to address; a seperate link is provided for you at the end of the survey.


Note on privacy

We request that you leave us your information so we can better understand your background and verify that you fit into one of the target groups of survey respondents, but please note that any response you provide in this Survey will be fully anonymised.

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