The overall aim of Euriphi ( is to contribute to the introduction of innovation and integrated care solutions in Europe’s health and social care systems through cross-border value-based innovation procurement.

Workpackage 3 in Euriphi undertakes a series of activities to organise the demand side for innovation solutions that suppport new models of patient-centred integrated care around a small set of Integrated Care Procurement Objectives (ICPO) that address existing care delivery shortcomings. Work started with a systematic desk-top research analysis with the aim to identify existing care delivery shortcomings across care delivery pathways for the following topics:

  • Stroke
  • Dementia
  • COPD
  • Multimorbidity
  • Aortic Stenosis

Care delivery shortcomings were then translated into Integrated Care Procurement Objectives. Altogether, more than 30 Integrated Care Procurement Objectives were defined. This long list of initial procurement objectives was provided to the care delivery and public procurement organisations involved in the Euriphi project to              

  • to understand their priorities in relation to the some of the identified procurement objectives,
  • to identify any innovative solutions that have already been implemented to address the procurement objective or one similar, and
  • to gather any additional potential procurement objectives we have not identified and which may be a priority for your organisation on the existing topics or other integrated care topics.


Survey objectives

Analysis of the prioritised procurement objectives of the Euriphi care delivery and public procurement organisations has lead to a reduced list of 13 procurement objectives that we would now like to test with organisations outside Euriphi to identify their procurement demands and priorities.

The aim of the survey is to collect feedback from the procurement and care delivery organisations not involved in Euriphi to understand their priorities in relation to the Euriphi procurement objectives and thus get a better view of the European demand.


How to complete the survey

The survey is structured along the five topics mentioned above: Stroke, Dementia, COPD, aortic stenosis and Multimorbidity. For each of the topics you will find a list of Integrated Care Procurement Objectives (ICPO) that potentially address existing care delivery shortcomings. Each ICPO is not a technical specification (as this will be developed at a later stage in the project), but describes what an innovative solution* would need to deliver in order to address a care delivery shortcoming.

In the survey, we kindly ask you to rate each of the identified Integrated Care Procurement Objectives according to its importance for a future procurement activity in your region/ organisation. We do not want to learn whether you generally think that it is an important topic, but rather whether your region/organisation intends to start any procurement activities in the future (within the next 2-3 years). For each procurement objective we would like you to specify whether there are any innovative solutions in your region/ organisation already in place addressing that objective or something similar.

Thank you for taking time to complete the Euriphi survey.

Please note that responses to this survey are not anonymised. We will not puplish your personal results, but the persons who will analyse the survey (Sonja Müller & Martina Böll from empirica, Leo Lewis & Edelweiss Aldasoro from IFIC) will see your responsed in a not anonymised format.


*An innovative solution may be a service, a product, a digital/CT system or device, or a combination.


There are 54 questions in this survey.

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