UNICOM WP9 Medicinal Product Dictionary (MPD) Survey



Thank you for agreeing to complete this survey for the country of your choice. We are using the information gained from this survey to characterise the various Medicinal Product Dictionaries (MPD) that operate in EU member states so as to better understand how to integrate the IDMP data from UNICOM with the MPD that operate in the prescribing and dispensing systems that clinicians use.

Thank you for your contribution.


– Brief description of Medicinal Product Dictionary Systems (MPD) and their characterisation, based on ISO TS 19256:2016 Health informatics — Requirements for medicinal product dictionary systems for health care

MPD Systems exist to provide health care with accurate and consistent identifiers (codes) and descriptions for medicinal products at various levels of detail and with meaningful relationships between the concepts, to support the clinical processes that occur variety of other health care information systems that must deal with medicines and medicine information (e.g. prescribing or dispensing systems).

Characteristics and Requirements of MPD

Scope: As comprehensive and exhaustive as possible to support the requirements

Model/structure: Appropriately granular set of concepts with meaningful relationships between them. Clinical MPD do not require all the detail of IDMP for regulatory purposes, but at a minimum to support the use cases should represent:

• Substances (active therapeutic substances in medicinal products, and possibly excipient substances)

• Pharmaceutical products (generic representations of authorized medicinal products)

• Medicinal products, with their manufacturer information; the licensed product as placed in the supply chain but without reference to packaging

• Packaged medicinal products


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